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Windham County Sheriff's Office
PO Box 266, Newfane, VT 05345

Media Event/Check Presentation


The Windham County Sheriff Office, Enhanced Teen Driver Safety Program will be holding a check presentation/media event on Friday Sept 1, 2017 between 11:45-12:00 at the Springfield High School Technical Center Audio Video Dept. The purpose for this event is to highlight the efforts being made regarding Teen Highway Safety. The ETDSP has been introduced into four high schools within Windham and Windsor County. It’s the only one of its kind in New England. Deputy Mike Roj supports the driver’s education classes and provides the law enforcement prospective on highway safety. The program is funded by a grant from State Farm Insurance Company and included funds to produce educational videos (PSA’s) to promote teen highway safety. The video was produced over the summer in Springfield by students from the Springfield High School and is now available for distribution. It addressed a topic which is rarely discussed, yet significantly influences teen driving behavior. See the link below to view the video and the powerful message.
The video is also used during a parent conference which is included into the driver education program. Parents are provided an opportunity to meet the driver education instructor and ETDSP coordinator to discuss the important role parents play in teens developing safe driving habits. We’re hopeful that you will be able to cover this event given the short notice. The goal is to offer our communities a positive story and relationship between law enforcement, teens, and local support to addressing a significant public safety risk. We also hope to increase distribution of this video and the important message it offers. Please RSVP coordinator Mike Roj at if you’re able to attend this event.

Deputy Mike Roj
Enhanced Teen Driver Safety Program Coordinator
Windham County Sheriff Office