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Windham County Sheriff's Office
PO Box 266, Newfane, VT 05345

Putney BLM mural marked up


Incident: 20WHC003456
Location: Putney Central School
Investigating Deputy: Deputy Jalava

Windham County Sheriff's Office was made aware of tire marks on the Black Lives Matter mural painted on Westminster West Road in Putney in front of the Putney Center School. A dark set of tire marks through the mural was made in the south bound lane. The tire marks appear to have been made by a dual rear wheeled truck. The tire marks traverse the entire length of the mural. There are several other smaller, lighter sets of marks. Windham County Sheriff's Office is looking for the community's help. Anyone with information is asked to contact Deputy Jalava at (802)365-4940 or at bjalava (at)