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Windham County Sheriff's Office
PO Box 266, Newfane, VT 05345

County purchases new facility


BRATTLEBORO – The County of Windham has purchased the vacant property located at 185 Old Ferry Road in Brattleboro with the intention of supporting operations of the Sheriff, the Vermont Judiciary, and the State of Vermont. Assistant Judges Patricia Duff and Lamont Barnett closed the deal on February 14th, 2022.

“Purchasing this facility allows us to provide numerous enhancements at a reduced cost to taxpayers,” reported Assistant Judge Lamont Barnett. “Our current county facilities lack adequate space and systems to provide the services expected of county government. The cost to install these systems exceeds the purchase price of this property.”

The Vermont Judiciary normally convenes the Superior Court Civil Division in the Newfane County Courthouse. “The County is responsible for providing the county courthouse” Assistant Judge Patricia Duff said. “The Newfane Courthouse currently lacks an air handling system which has made holding trials for the Civil Division impossible in light of COVID-19. We are working with the State to install the system at their cost, which has an anticipated construction timeline of 18-24 months. The County will offer this interim space to the Judiciary while the renovations of our historic courthouse are carefully made. This opportunity allows for a temporary space to house the Civil Division while also ensuring our Sheriff has an office appropriate for the duties they perform.”

The Windham County Sheriff’s Office is currently located off of Route 30 in Newfane. “Our current facility lacks the infrastructure necessary to provide an appropriate environment for a 24/7 public safety agency,” Sheriff Mark Anderson shared. “We need space for training, access for people with disabilities, a reliable electrical system, and safety equipment that all come with significant price tags.”

The State of Vermont is currently considering how it provides access to emergency services. Sheriff Anderson continued, “This facility provides us the infrastructure and ability to improve the emergency dispatch system for our community. I am advocating for a ‘one emergency, one dispatch’ model for the public to access emergency responders. Right now, a person could call 911 in Windham County and talk to anywhere from two to five different dispatch centers. We are working with the Department of Public Safety to expand our Regional Dispatch to improve emergency communications in southern Vermont.” Governor Phil Scott recently announced $11 million dollars allocated to support regionalization of Vermont’s emergency dispatch system in his proposed budget to the Legislature. Vermont operates a scattered system for fire, EMS, police, and 911 dispatching.

“The Vermont Legislature has recently passed bills encouraging the Vermont Police Academy to provide regional training opportunities,” Sheriff Anderson continued. “We have depended on partners to host our in-service training for years. That system worked until we lost all access due to COVID-19. The constraint of our current facility is one of the reasons we appreciate this opportunity. This facility will grant us and the state the opportunity to deliver relevant training reducing the costs on travel for agencies in Southern Vermont. It provides us a handicap accessible facility, with air handling systems and fire suppression systems to support a 24-hour emergency response organization.

The property valued by the town at $810,000, is being purchased for $500,000. “Long-term, the Sheriff will engage with government/justice-related partners to alleviate the costs of the facility,” said Assistant Judge Duff. Sheriff Anderson concurred, stating, “This is an opportunity to reduce the cost to taxpayers by co-locating resources in support of each other.”

“Approximately three quarters of our services revolve around Brattleboro,” advised Sheriff Anderson. “This acquisition shouldn’t affect the remaining 25% of our services, which includes our supplemental law enforcement patrols in roughly half of the towns of Windham County. Deputies already connect remotely to our office from the towns and villages that we provide patrol services to. We look forward to developing new ways to utilize the property on Jail Street. We’ll be engaging with community partners to consider next steps as we work toward progress and modernization here in Windham County.”

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