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Windham County Sheriff's Office
PO Box 266, Newfane, VT 05345

Sheriff's Coverage Returns to Brattleboro Courthouse


Brattleboro -- The Windham County Sheriff's Office and the Vermont Judiciary have signed a contract for the Sheriff's Office to provide law enforcement coverage at the Superior Court in Brattleboro. The Vermont Judiciary by statute is responsible for establishing security in courthouses.

"We appreciate the recognition of the value of a deputy sheriff working at the Brattleboro courthouse," shared Sheriff Mark Anderson. "There came a point in 2016 where the services needed by the Judiciary were beyond the State's financial capacity. At that time, the State wouldn't cover the cost of our personnel."

The Judiciary and the Sheriff signed an agreement on August 9th to return one sworn deputy sheriff to the Superior Courthouse in Brattleboro. This presence can help alleviate demand on the Brattleboro Police Department who became responsible for response to crimes and offenses at the courthouse.

“The Judiciary is so grateful to have a Windham County Sheriff presence at the Windham Superior Courthouse once again, and to the Legislature for providing the necessary funding,” said State Court Administrator Therese Corsones. “We’re also grateful to the Brattleboro Police Department and to private security for their combined work ensuring a safe and secure courthouse in Brattleboro. Many thanks to our justice partners for this very welcome result.”

The return is the result of joint efforts of the Vermont Judiciary and the Vermont Sheriffs' Association who worked with the Legislature to identify the needs and funding to accomplish this. "We will work to integrate and compliment the private security who will continue their work at the courthouse," Sheriff Anderson concluded.