Uniformed Division

Windham County Sheriff's Office
PO Box 266 Newfane, VT 05345

Posted by: Chris Norton on 01/10/2008

The Patrol Division is responsible for providing all uniformed services of the Windham County Sheriff's Office. Those services include: motor vehicle enforcement, criminal investigations, community policing, community outreach, security services, and special details.

Policing Services

Across the State of Vermont, towns and villages are able to contract with Sheriff's Offices for law enforcement and policing services. The Windham County Sheriff's Office opts to perform policing services to compliment services provided by the State on a variety of levels within Windham County. For information specific to a town, visit Our Towns.

Detail Services

There are often times where a government, organization or an individual will require the services of law enforcement that are otherwise not provided within the State of Vermont. Examples of these can be the movement of "super-load" trucks, that require deputies to help massive structures navigate Vermont highways; providing security for commercial or industrial facilities; providing traffic control for construction projects; and providing supervision for situations deemed unsafe for a variety of reasons.

Grant Activities

The Windham County Sheriff's Office is involved in a variety of targeted enforcement activities, funded through a variety of grants. This includes patrol efforts in cooperation with the Governor's Highway Safety Program to combat impaired driving, distracted driving and encourage occupant protection use; enforcement of snowmobile laws on VAST trails; educating new drivers as an enhancement to driver's education programs and more.


Captain Paul Samataro
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Sergeant Christopher Norton
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