To report a crime, please contact your local police agency. For emergencies, call 911.

Civil Division

The Civil Division provides for the timely service of court orders issued by the Vermont Superior Court, litigants and other lawful authorities.

Civil Process

Some types of documents and civil processes frequently served by the Windham County Sheriff's Office include: summons and complaints, writ of replevin, writ of possession, trustee processes, small claims, divorce processes, judgement orders, and notice of eviction/quit. Additionally, the Sheriff of each county is the only lawful authority to evict tenants following legal action.

Fees (as set by 32VSA1591):

Deposit: $150

Service: $75.00 per person served, plus mileage

Postage: When applicable

Return of service: $2.00

Affidavit of attempted service: $35.00

Note: Our office requires a $150.00 deposit to cover the above fees. Any unused portions of the deposit will be refunded following the completion of service.

You can submit your documents for service to our office in person at our office in Newfane, by mail, or through our online portal.

Civilian Fingerprinting

Our office serves as Windham County's civilian fingerprinting station. Be it a work related background checks, related to adoption, or other non-criminal need, the Windham County Sheriff's Office is able to assist.


Call 802-365-4942 or complete this form online. Applicants should complete this form and bring it with them to expedite the process. If you're unable to, you can fill it out prior to your appointment at our office.

Hours by appointment:

We schedule by appointment only, offering most days of the week when resources are available. Dates and times vary based on demand.



Sheriff's Sales/Auctions

The Windham County Sheriff's Office is empowered to sell or auction property on behalf of the person or entity with legal possession and ownership of property. We often auction condos and real estate.


Sheriff Mark R. Anderson

Sheriff Mark Anderson
185 Old Ferry Rd
PO Box 8126
Brattleboro, VT 05304
802-365-4942 x7

Jackie Deedman
185 Old Ferry Rd
PO Box 8126
Brattleboro, VT 05304
802-365-4942, x3

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