To report a crime, please contact your local police agency. For emergencies, call 911.

Sheriff's Social Worker

The Police Liaison (PL) works embedded in area municipal or Vermont state police departments responding to mental health, substance abuse, domestic violence or other social service related calls with law enforcement, to provide immediate support and resource connection.  

Police Liaisons provide assessment and coordinate therapeutic intervention services to individuals in crisis. They provide a wide range of assessment, counseling, case management and educational services to individuals and families, including direct mobile emergency response, following the Vermont Care Partners Team Two approach.  PL’s provide consultation and educational services to other community organizations related to primary and secondary prevention efforts as well as in times of crisis. They provide direct face-to-face screening, counseling and case management services for individuals on an emergency basis, either in office or on-site as appropriate. They assist with pre-certification processes for individuals requiring inpatient or residential care admissions. They provide emergency consults, interventions and assistance to other care providers as needed and consult and collaborate with people’s families, significant others, and other agencies as necessary and as authorized by the person receiving services.

PL’s provide an array of supports to individuals including, but not limited to, assisting individuals with various challenges (financial, medical, legal, transportation, food, employment, etc.) and helping them to connect with community agencies and care providers to address these challenges. PL’s are embedded in police departments responding to emergency and non-emergency calls. They provide assistance to law enforcement, in the form of individual and family support, to ensure that people are connected to the proper system of care. PL’s provide emergency support to community members who are in crisis or have experienced a trauma in which law enforcement are involved.

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